Our Mission

Stebbins and Associates is North America’s premier agricultural green-industry recruiting and

consulting firm. We source talent for mid-tier to Fortune 500 Clients on a national basis, filling

positions ranging from senior executive to field sales. We sell assurance- assurance that our

clients are not missing the best candidate.

Our history

Stebbins and Associates began in 1996 in Sacramento, as a small, one-man business.

Today, we have evolved into one of the premier agricultural recruiting firms in North America.

With 20 years of experience, we have earned a reputation for unparalleled service and bottom line results.

Our Approach

Our culture and methodologies drive superior business results. No one else is approaching agricultural recruitment the way we are. No one else is thinking about it the way we do. No one else is executing it the way we are. We continue to redefine the agricultural recruiting experience through the use of social media, market data, analytics, and consistent and candid communication.

Stebbins and Associates takes a direct approach to recruiting. We network and speak with people we know, and with professionals we have worked with for over two decades. We have forged mutually profitable relationships with our industry’s finest executives and influencers. Our candidate leads come directly from word of mouth and from seasoned professionals already working in the industry. These are men and women we trust, people who have developed a keen and accurate understanding of the people working in our industry. Moreover, these relationships are with professionals working in each of our industries four segments:

OEM/Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers
Retail Distribution
Growers and End Users
Academic Institutions/ Industry Associations

Our Service

Our services include sourcing and presenting candidates, reference checking, pre-screening, setting up appointments and interviews, prepping candidates, administering tests/ background checks, verifying educational credentials, and providing industry specific details pertaining to compensation.

We do few things, but do them well. We call people back in a timely manner, we do what we say we will do, and we follow thru, tending to all the multi-faceted details of hiring and on boarding talented candidates.