A Poem by Steve Stebbins

As I sat on the plane, I thought long and hard

My mind was made up, they played their last card

I wondered if they, while minding their profits

Knew I was the key, that I filled their pockets

My boss said he cared, he promised to pay me

I waited three months, and now he says maybe

It’s hard to imagine, they never did notice

My clients all know, and they think it’s bogus

My family and wife are at home and they wait

They fear for our future, not knowing our fate

“Why don’t you take it?” she said with a glare

It’s obvious to me that they really don’t care

I then tried to tell her, I tried to compare

My love and devotion, like her, I placed there

I paid all my dues, my company knows it

I stuck to their plan, and never bemoaned it

I’d hoped they would see this, and kindly reward me

We had an agreement, instead they ignored me

When Stebbins first called, I gave him a lead

He hung up the phone, but planted a seed

My peers and my friends, all knew I was tired

They told me to talk, big deal, you get fired!

I landed, drove home, and without any waiting

I called my new boss, without hesitating

We worked out a deal that allowed us a chance

To grow a good business, work hard, and then dance

He then did a thing I will always remember

He said I WAS NEEDED like fire needs its ember

I landed with only a plan to resign

My boss caught off guard, with no warning or time

He then shook my hand and in earnest confessed

That he knew he was losing one of the best

The exit was quick, they made sure that I took

Not one note or label, not even a look

The moral dear friend, is to pay close attention

To those who produce, with earnest intention

Steve Stebbins