Sales Development Manager – Agriculture Technologies (water efficiency solutions company)

Reporting: Individual will report to Director of Business Development and have a close working relationship with technical support team for digital technologies and external sales team.

Desired Skills and Traits: Individual should have a mix of the following skills or the ability to acquire on job:

• Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a distributed sales team

• Capability of understanding customer pain points, requirements and correlating potential business to value that can be provided by Ag Technology solutions

• Strong and professional communication skills -- written, verbal, presentation

• Promotes a strong sense of urgency for reaching goals and key deliverables. Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company

• Contributes fully to the team effort and plays an integral part in the smooth running of teams without necessarily taking the lead

• Drive, Grit, Team Oriented: strong desire to compete and win

• BA/BS degree in Agriculture related field and proven track record of sales development

Job Responsibilities and time allocations fall into three key areas: 1) Sales/Channel Development,
2) Marketing and 3) Customer Training/Education

Sales/Channel Development

Expand company’s distribution base for ag technology solutions beyond current Irrigation Channel:

- Create channel specific value propositions/business propositions and messaging

- Work with local DRM’s to identify potential target customers

Create and implement new dealer onboarding/customer success model – taking customers from initial agreement to qualified success

Frame and support implementation of alternative sales/revenue models

Effectively partner and work with sales team to create local market growth plans for Ag Technology product

Product Marketing

Market intelligence—be the expert on our buyers, who are they, how they buy and their key buying criteria.

Collaborate with product management and marketing communications to develop product positioning and messaging that resonate with our target buyer personas.

Understand and document our buyer’s process, including where they get information, and the who, what, when and why behind the decisions they make. Then drive changes to our sales and marketing processes based on what you learn.

Develop a marketing plan for the products you support in conjunction with our marketing team, including key activities and budgets to support the retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers.

Assess the effectiveness of the marketing programs that support your products on an

Understand and support our sales channels; train them on the problems we solve for our buyers and users; develop internal tools and external collateral and teach them how and when to use it

Training and Education

Identify topics and work with technical/applications team to develop training content for specific ag technology products

Stakeholders to develop content for:

Sales team

Dealers: sales, installation, technical support, technology implementation

Growers: implementation of product capabilities, field trouble shooting, etc

Determine delivery method for each content piece (can be multiple) : video, print, webinar, in-field, classroom, etc