We are recruiters and confidential staffing consultants. We place full time employees in North America, as well as contractors, commissioned sales agents and consultants.

We provide: 

Compensation Analysis– We can provide you and your company with detailed information about our industry’s current compensation trends, base salaries, incentive programs, benefits, and vehicles.

Reference Checking– We can call professional candidate references, solicited and non-solicited. Since we often know these references, we obtain specific and intimate details about people, not broad generalizations.

Company/Competitive information– We can provide your team with detailed information about prospective corporate acquisitions, or up to date information about your competition and the channel partners in distribution.


This is what sets Stebbins and Associates apart from most other firms: Agribusiness and the Green Industry is our home, and has been for over 22 years. We know the people, the companies, the executives, and even the field professionals in sales and technical. When we recruit, we call people we know and trust. We enlist the confidential assistance of professionals who represent the whole industry- the OEM/Wholesale Supplier, the Channel partners and Distributor/Dealers, the End Users/Growers, and even the Universities and Colleges. 


    1. With Stebbins & Associates, time is money! We average 30-45 days from start of project to the extended offer.
    2. On average, our clients regroup their investment in less than two years.
    3. Our clients vet and screen only qualified candidates. We save you time and money by minimizing the number of candidates and the back and forth correspondence.



    Stebbins is a national firm, we recruit professionals in the Great Lakes, Southeast, Pacific Northwest, Plains and Midwest. The supply chain here in the West is very much the same as it is in Texas or New York, just different distributors, climate, soil, and crops.

    • Crop Production
    • Natural Resources
    • Landscape and Turf
    • Horticulture
    • Greenhouse/Nursery
    • Hydroponics
    • Organics
    • Ag Technology
    • Post Harvest
    • Aquatics/ IVM/Pest Control